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Vote on the Best Columbus Architecture of 2015

Walker Evans Walker Evans Vote on the Best Columbus Architecture of 2015
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With Columbus being a hotbed of urban development, we often see a lot of discussion about the architectural design of various projects that are regularly being proposed for construction around the city. While hosting conversations about urban design is always a good thing, we don’t often step back to compare architectural design as it fits into the context of its surrounding environment, nor how an individual building will compliment others when looking toward future of Columbus as a whole.

So today, we’re calling upon our passionate readers to score 25 of the major architectural designs unveiled over the past calendar year, to provide a look at what the general public finds most appealing. Keep in mind that all of these projects are at various stages of development, so some have already begun construction while others are still undergoing review. That means that some final redesigns may still occur in the future.

Below you’ll find links to visuals and more information on the 25 semi-finalists (in no particular order) that we’re scoring, and you can CLICK HERE to officially cast your vote and score the designs. Please keep in mind that this survey is to review the form and not the function of each design, so please base your scores entirely upon aesthetics and appeal, versus whether or not you like offices or apartments or hospitals.

The Top 25 Architectural Designs of Sept 2014 – Sept 2015:

CLICK HERE to cast your vote!

We’ll be accepting votes through Thursday, September 24th at 10pm. The results of the poll will be unveiled on Friday, September 25th.

Columbus Underground is celebrating Architecture and Design Week from September 21 through September 27, where we take a look at all things related to designing the future of our city. This week is brought to you with support from our friends at Continental Office and Schooley Caldwell Associates.

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