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Vinyl Shop, Bar and Recording Studio Come Together at Craft & Vinyl this Winter

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Vinyl Shop, Bar and Recording Studio Come Together at Craft & Vinyl this WinterPhoto via Pexels.
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What do craft beer sippers, vinyl collectors and local musicians all have in common? Come December, it’ll be a place called Craft & Vinyl, the brainchild of local music maker, marketer, and appreciator, Troy Stacy. The shop-slash-brewpub, taking over the old Alternative Resale shop on West Fifth Avenue near Grandview, is meant to create a space for intimate music performances and recordings and vinyl record shopping.

“People who love vinyl, like me, are probably the same people that love craft beer, like me, and probably people like musicians, like me,” Stacy said, “and somehow, these communities all swirl together, but there’s never been a place in this area where all that goes down under one roof, so I saw this opportunity to create that environment.”

The building offers 2,000 square feet of space, high ceilings, and built-in foot traffic. Stacy envisions a place where daytime shoppers can browse the vinyl, where afternoon drinks can transition into early evening live music performances, and where recording artists can come for an anytime session.

For those who are new to vinyl, the Spin Control Club will offer subscribers unlimited vinyl listening every month for a price point to be determined. Vinyls can go home for a few days and, upon return, traded in for something else, “so if you’re just getting into vinyl, you can kind of give it a try, or take it for a spin, before you come in and start buying to build a vinyl collection.”

Pulling from his experiences in New York City, Stacy intends on designating a stage of couches in the center of the room, so musicians and audiophiles can engage personally. This small scale theatre in the round setup is what Stacy believes will set Craft & Vinyl apart from other music venues.

“It’s a little more low-key,” he said. “I think you can go see bands at a lot of great places in town, but it’s hard to find an environment where it’s very intimate and it feels very personal.”

Similar to Memphis’ Sun Studio, Craft & Vinyl will allow passersby to peer in on recordings. Stacy picked the space based on its neighborhood, favoring urban walkable areas where residents are “getting out on the sidewalks and kickin’ it.”

Craft & Vinyl is on track to open the second week of December.

For more information, visit craft-n-vinyl.com.

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