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Vintage Marketplace Launches in Columbus

Audrey Bonfig Audrey Bonfig Vintage Marketplace Launches in ColumbusAll photos by Audrey Bonfig.
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June 22nd marked a big turning point in the Ohio vintage scene – the first time the Arts and Vintage Marketplace has come to Ohio. A sort of flea market for the antique/vintage enthusiast, the event featured everything from clothing to art to furniture; there was truly something for everyone.

One of the vendors present at the marketplace was Flower Child Vintage, which has a storefront in the Short North. Nicole, the buyer for the store, was representing Flower Child Vintage at the marketplace.

“I think it’s great that this event’s come to town,” said Nicole, “Because there’s not really a vintage-specific flea market in the area. Hopefully it’ll catch on!”

Flower Child tends to focus on items from the early forties to the early eighties, and there was everything at their stall from tiny rabbit statues to brightly patterned 1970s dresses to a shiny, silver, vintage trailer parked in front of the Shrine Center. The whole feeling was similar to that of a cool, 1970s lady bringing her wares to the market to sell. The feeling was very appropriate, as that is something that Flower Child likes to emphasize.

“Joe, our owner, likes to set up the store so that you feel like you’ve stepped back in time,” said Nicole, “It’s set to look like a series of living rooms; everything’s matched and color coordinated.”


After viewing the interesting items set up outside, it was time to move into the marketplace itself, to the hustle and bustle of it all. Amidst the general buzz and excitement of vendors and shoppers, classic rock music by artists such as Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones blared over the loud speakers; it really added something to the venue.

One of the vendors set up in this vintage shopper’s mecca was Marty, who operates her business, Vintage Chic, out of Cottonwood Decor in Clintonville. At Marty’s station was a group of olive green canvas bags, that looked like they could have easily walked off of the set of any World War II era film. It turns out, that the bags were’t made to look authentic – they were authentic.

“The bigger bags are French, and the smaller bags are actually Yugoslavian,” Marty said, motioning to the bags, “they were either used as bandage bags or bread bags.”

But while Marty’s bags were a real eye-catcher, the items she’s most known for are a series of black and white pictures of famous musicians, such as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, which she places in window frames.


A third vendor was the husband and wife team of Travis and Tammi Maggard, who have a vintage furniture business called Blue Cat Home. The name for their business came when they moved to Ohio from California, and ended up adopting a Russian Blue cat. Sadly, the Maggard’s shop burned down in a fire, so they have been taking their pieces to shows and have also sold a few pieces at Modern Vintage, a vintage furniture boutique in Hartsville, Ohio. The Maggards specialize in bright, colorful pieces, that show the more fun and whimsical side of vintage.

“We have some funkier pieces,” Tammi said, “to really cater to those that are into the boho-chic movement.”

One of the “funkier” pieces they carried was an armchair and footstool set, covered in a bright pink paisley pattern. It’s not something that would appeal to everyone, but is definitely perfect for those that are into vintage’s funkier side.

If you missed out on the first event, don’t fret, there will be other opportunities to get your vintage fill. The marketplace will be open on July 13, August 23, September 13, and October 19. For more information, you can visit the Columbus Arts and Vintage Markeplace’s Facebook page or their website.

All photos by Audrey Bonfig.






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