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Video Central: A Best Kept Movie Secret

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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When most people talk about how much they enjoy living in German Village, they’re quick to point out the local restaurants and bars, the neighborhood coffee shops and gathering spots, and the easy walkability to all of these great places. But one amenity that typically doesn’t immediately come to mind is Video Central, a 24-hour locally-run video store located at the corner of Livingston Avenue and Fifth Street.

At Video Central you’re not going to find massive quantities of the latest releases like you will at Blockbuster. Instead, they opt for a wide range of diversity in their stock with thousands of titles new and old to choose from. Video Central also offers plenty of niche genres including cult films, anime, and foreign language films. If you’ve got a craving for an old favorite, chances are pretty good that Video Central will have it.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and can quickly help you locate a title logged in their system and point you in the right direction to find it. If you’re not looking for something in particular you can easily spend a few hours browsing their selection and discovering something new to enjoy.

The rental system works a little bit differently than most chain stores in that they charge you to set up a membership account. The cost is currently a one-time setup fee of $2.00 and you’re given a rental card with your customer number. Your card is scanned when you take out a movie, but you don’t have to pay anything until you bring them back. All rentals are due back the following night at midnight (which means you can get almost a two-day rental if you check them out early in the morning) and movies currently cost $2.99 per day for new releases and a mere $1.50 per day for older titles.

So, the next time you’re stuck channel surfing in the middle of the night and wishing you had a good movie to watch, remember that you’ve got a solution: Video Central.

More information can be found online at VideoCentral.MyVideoStore.com.

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