Veritas Goes Tasting Menu Only Next Week

Susan Post Susan Post Veritas Goes Tasting Menu Only Next WeekAll photos by Susan Post.
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Starting Tuesday, September 25 Veritas diners will be greeted with two options to enjoy the culinary prowess of Chef Josh Dalton. The Downtown fine dining restaurant will offer a smaller, four to five course tasting menu or a larger version, consisting of eight to 11 courses.

The restaurant made its way to 11 W. Gay St. earlier this year from its beginnings in Downtown Delaware in 2012. Dalton says the move has been a roller coaster. They have tried and nixed lunch service. The staff has expanded from six to 20 – 25. There’s more moving parts to get everyone on the same page. Dalton is excited, though, about where Veritas is headed.

When deciding to make the move Downtown, Dalton wanted to push Veritas forward. Tasting-menu only is something they always wanted to do, and he felt like the timing was right. They have the tools they need to accomplish the vision, and the new menus bring a more disciplined and refined approach to the dining experience.

“We’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to every single detail,” Dalton says.

The tasting menus allow Dalton and his team to hone their skills on more intricate dishes because they can spend more time on prep. One of the challenges had been not knowing what to prep. Some nights they would see primarily tasting menus orders with a few a la carte diners, and other nights would be largely a la carte with only a handful of tasting menus. Now, the kitchen can set themselves up for success, but also have more freedom in the creative process.

The dishes diners will be enjoying will largely depend on what Vertias’ purveyors have available. Dalton often calls to ask what’s coming in and what looks good, and builds the menu from there. That means there’s also a seasonality to Veritas’ offerings. Dishes could change daily or weekly, but there will also be some hard and fast favorites. Dalton won’t change a dish just to change it if it’s something that’s speaking to them.

Price points for the new tasting menus will vary with the menu. The smaller could range from $45-$55, with the larger starting around $80 and maxing out around $110.

Dalton is looking forward to the tailored guest experience going tasting menu only creates. And to add something to the Columbus dining scene that really hasn’t been done before.

For more information, visit veritasrestaurant.com. 

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