Urban Grocery Market: Coming Soon to Downtown

 DJ Young
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The Blue Market: Columbus

The Blue Market is the newest and latest project to be developed by the Blue Heron Land Company.

The Blue Market is an Urban Grocery Boutique slated to be developed in Downtown Columbus. The market will be a small scale, boutique grocery, with nostalgic nuances, and composed of natural materials – to soften, humanize and bring warmth to your shopping experience.

The Blue Market will be a neighborhood destination for downtown dwellers and workers to shop, relax, interact and dine in a variety of venues; where your community feedback is used to customize the full experience.

The Blue Market will have the most advanced technological components, that will include interactive, self serve kiosks, digital sinage and art work, theatrical lighting and sound, and the most innovative checkout systems.

In addition to custom sculptural elements, the Market will feature display cooking by an Executive Chef and showcase gourmet food preparation. The Market will utilize innovative design elements, mid-height merchandizing systems, and room to accommodate local merchants with consignment opportunities.

The Blue Market will be a neighborhood lifestyle destination, with proposed locations at Gay Street, Main Street, and High Street (Short North) – you are sure to have a Blue Market in walking distance of your front door.

For More Information, please contact:

Blue Heron Land Company (Business Offices)

267 South 5th Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Please come and join us for a Mini-Presentation and Blue Market Display, at the Downtown Residence Association Meeting (DRAC) on December 19, 2007 @ 6:30p – at the North Bank Park Shelter House!

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