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Urban Emporium Retail Store Opening Soon in Bexley

Walker Evans Walker Evans Urban Emporium Retail Store Opening Soon in Bexley
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Bexley lost a unique local business when Star Jewlers moved out of their home at 2260 East Main Street recently in favor of a new space in the Short North, but that prime location in Bexley is not sitting empty for long. A four-person team of local retailers that includes Kelly Blanton, Becky Brisker, Aimee Re and Jennifer Roy are hard at work getting Urban Emporium prepped and ready for a January opening. We spoke recently with the team for more details on this new shop. Our full Q&A can be found below, while The Metropreneur has more behind-the-scenes info on how the shop benefits local entrepreneurs.

Q: First, can you tell us a bit about the idea behind Urban Emporium?

A: The idea for Urban Emporium is to have a store that sells many quality, locally-made hand-crafted items. We have a particular interest in stocking items that are Earth-friendly — such as reusing materials and using sustainable or natural ingredients. By showcasing amazing products and art from incredibly talented local artisans and combining them with fabulous finds from across the country, we feel that we create a unique shopping experience.

Urban Emporium is owned and operated by four local artisans that put their heart and soul into their craft. They all have a commitment to help bring local artists, small businesses and the community together.

Q: What drew you to this Bexley location?

A: All four partners live in Bexley or have strong ties to the community. We felt there was a need and a growing interest for this type of store concept in the area. When we discovered that Star Jewelers was moving from their longtime Bexley location, we jumped on the opportunity. This area of Main Street is evolving into a vital retail and restaurant destination. With the addition of a new Giant Eagle Market District Express just down the block from us later in 2015, as well as the wonderful existing local restaurants, shops and the Drexel Theater, we knew this was a great location and we are very excited to be a part of that mix.

Q: What types of products will be featured there?

A: We will be selling a wide range of independent artisan-crafted goods. Some of our offerings will include jewelry and accessories, clothing for adults and children, furniture and home decor, glass, ceramics, art, toys and beauty and care products. We will have a wide selection of unique and creative items to appeal to a variety of interests.

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For more information, visit www.shopurbanemporium.com.

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