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Upper Arlington Gateway Project Gets Design Revisions

Walker Evans Walker Evans Upper Arlington Gateway Project Gets Design RevisionsAll renderings by m+a architects.
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A plan to bring a new seven-story building to Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington has gone through several proposal iterations over the past several months, and the developer of the project — Scott Patton of Arcadia Development — is looking to bring a new version back for review in June. The updated project features a more detailed design with a stepped-down floor plan on the west side of the building to create more of a height gradient approaching the shorter buildings on North Star Road.

“The changes are mainly architectural, as they’ve added more stone and brick, which is something we have encouraged,” stated Justin Milam, Planning Officer with the the City of Upper Arlington. “And the modification on the west side of the building addresses the transition that the zoning code looks for. I think this design is supported by our board.”

The structural updates also mean several changes to the mix of uses within the building. The plan now calls for 14,114 square feet of ground-floor retail and 18,671 square feet of office space. The building is planned to house 26 apartment rental units and 59 for-sale condos, as well as a 271 space parking deck.

“We’re still working with engineers at the City of Columbus on the traffic study and well as Clinton Township on sewers,” added Milam. “It’s a very multi-municipal project, being located right at the edge of Upper Arlington. We’re making some progress, but not quite there yet.”

Milam added that Arcadia Development originally submitted the proposal for review at the upcoming Board of Zoning and Planning meeting on May 16th, but with the application not quite being complete, it will most likely be reviewed at the June 20th meeting instead.

All renderings by m+a architects.





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