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Unusual Eats: Mexican Corn (and Paletas and Tuna Ice Cream)

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Unusual Eats: Mexican Corn (and Paletas and Tuna Ice Cream)
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The trip to Diamond’s Ice Cream started out as a mission for a Treat to Try article. A reader nominated its Paletas (Latin American popsicles) as a binge-worthy option well worth investigation.

And the paletas are indeed worthy of investigation: extensive, obsessive, loving investigation. We’ll get to that.

But off to the side of the ice cream joint is a little counter where savory items are made, and one of those items is Mexican Corn on a Stick (except, here, it’s just called “Corn”). You can keep your Fried Snickers and Battered Slim Fast Bars. All the fair food on a stick pales in comparison to the glory of Mexican Corn. It is the official food for summer.

You get to watch it being made, and it’s an almost artisanal, loving process. First, the corn is baptized in fresh lime juice, then it’s slathered in mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip), then cheese, then a little red spiky stuff, then a sprinkle of salt, and of of course, more salt.

And then, one bite, and your eyes just roll up in your head. It’s the watery sweetness of fresh corn, with a spicy, briny, rich foil. That makes it pretty much everything worth craving in one bite.

And then there’s dessert. There’s an endless parade of ice cream flavors – lots of traditional ones, but also one like Tuna Verde. It turns out that Tuna Verde is Cactus Pear flavored: it’s light and refreshing, almost like a mild sherbet with little chewy seedy things.


Or wait. The original mission was for paletas, right? Okay then. Those comes in lots of flavors too. You’ll end up with analysis paralysis if your try to take it all in. If you want to go classic, get a fruit one -packed almost solid with frozen fruity sweetness.


Or, go your own way. We test drove Dulce De Leche, Oreo and Avocado (three, not all combined in one popsicle). They’re super-fun. The caramel one was sweet and milky. The Oreo one was dense with cookies -the way you wish they made the ice cream. And the Avocado one? Rich and sweet and soothing.

You need to investigate all of this. You’ll find it at 5461 Bethel Sawmill Center.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Diamonds-Icecream/.

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