Unusual Eats: King Kong Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Unusual Eats: King Kong Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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Columbus is home to some big food. This city is home to the Thurmanator. We have an eight pound omelet. Columbus has produced a Dagwood impressive enough to score some time on national television in Man vs Food.

And we have King Kong.

True, there’s no t-shirt or cash prize for conquering King Kong. It’s a sandwich that might actually be on the manageable side of excess. That said, it’s got something else going for it besides size: it’s got flavor and style too.

King Kong comes from the Hungry Monkey food truck. It starts with two old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches. Each is built on fried white bread with soft, squishy american cheese sealing the slices together.

The sandwiches then serve as hamburger buns for two steaming burgers, more cheese, a fried egg and slices of bacon.

It’s huge, and it’s beautiful and it’s a combo born in heaven (or Columbus) made better with a big slather of mayonnaise that pulls it all together. True, the height makes it a little challenging to eat, but it is possible to chomp through all the layers of cheese and beef surrounded with toasty goodness. It is a marvel that all these comfort foods work so harmoniously.

King Kong gets bonus points for actually staying together as a sandwich and not falling apart under the stress of its own excess. That’s the problem with lots of big sandwiches: the insides all slip out. In contrast, King Kong is well built, architecturally speaking.

The Hungry Monkey team does a lot of burgers -it seems proudest of its Wyatt Earp; it’s a burger with barbecue sauce that comes with a money-back guarantee. The notion that any burger could outgun King Kong seems preposterous.

Plus, King Kong weighs in at only $10. Take those fourteen dollar gourmet burgers somewhere else. A single ten dollar bill will buy a burger that any eater will go ape* over.

*Writers like puns, there was no avoiding this.

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