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Unusual Eats: Donut as Big as Your Head

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Unusual Eats: Donut as Big as Your HeadPhotos by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Resch’s has been around forever, holding down the East Side with its retro sign that glows as a beacon to customers. You pull a tag at the door and wait for its number to be called. When that time comes, there will be paralyzing choices to be made — cinnamon rolls, danishes, jelly-filled, cream-filled, fritters…

And a donut as big as your head.

Consuming a donut of epic proportions has been a longstanding bucket list item. The ones featured prominently on the internet were in faraway places, like Texas. And yet, here it sits, waiting to be discovered at Resch’s.

This is not their “normal” donut. They have normal glazed ones that might fit in your hand. This version takes TWO hands, possibly a fork, depending on how gross you’re willing to be. It is tender and airy and poofy, just like the donut of your dreams. Its perfect, crackling icing has soaked in, just a little, to spread some sweetness throughout.

Maybe it’s a bad idea not to share, but life is short, and sharing is overrated. And, it’s only $5. There is no bigger thrill for $5.

There are also donut for normal people. Those are also lovely, uniformly fresh and flavorful. One standout was the S’more version, topped with chocolate icing, real, downright wholesome chunks of graham crackers, and a roasted gigundo marshmallow. Also notable were the apple fritters. They’re square and pretty (instead of the typical amorphous, blob-like fritter), with pronounced lines of cinnamon beneath the icing. In the filled-donut department, there’s jelly and also a nice white, whipped filling that’s enhanced with a distinct vanilla accent.

There’s also a cooler that holds half-gallon jugs of chocolate milk. Really, the perfect pairing for any donut.

Behind the counter, there were cinnamon raisin bagels. There’s no hole in the middle, but a tender donut dotted with plump raisins and coated in a shield of cinnamon sugar. Resch’s is known for cookies and cakes too. There’s a lot to take in, and you’ll find it at 4061 E. Livingston.

For more information, visit reschbakery.com.


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