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Unusual Eats: Cuban Pizza

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Unusual Eats: Cuban PizzaPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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Taco Pizza and Hawaiian Pizza have been around for decades. In Columbus, it’s also pretty easy to score a Reuben Pizza or a Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. There’s even a Tandoori Pizza option out there. They all seem like harmonious ideas for a pie: mostly meat, cheese, maybe some veggies.

All this makes it almost surprising that something as obvious as a Cuban Pizza option hasn’t been more prevalent on the scene. The sandwich has been popular here; fusion items are popular too. It seems like the combo would be found lots of places.

Regardless, a Cuban Pizza is available, for at least a few more weeks, at Dewey’s Pizza. It’s not exactly an avant-garde place, it’s more of a mini-chain with a few stops in Columbus. The Cuban is its specialty pizza for December. In essence, Dewey’s delivers all the things you like about a Cuban sandwich, in a round, pie form.

So, since a Cuban sandwich has pulled pork, ham, mustard, cheese and pickles: so also does the Cuban Pizza. At Dewey’s the cheese is a mozzarella and swiss combo, and the ham looks like Canadian bacon, but otherwise: it’s a ringer.

In fact, the slices of Dewey’s pie are actually a little easier to eat than a typical Cuban sandwich, as the latter tends to slide and slop around. That said, the pizza is not the most beautiful, nor the most balanced creature. Long slabs of delightfully crisp pickles lie around randomly, equally random shards of roasted pork cover other spots. The cheese holds everything together with the”ham,” and mustard replaces the marinara sauce. When you manage to get it all together in one mouthful, it’s incredibly satisfying. Most of the time, you’ll get most (but not all) of the toppings in a bite. It all sits on a chewy crust that puffs up on the sides.

The pie is not so much for pizza cravings, but it might scratch a sandwich itch. And it adds a little variety (and mustard) to the pizza scene. You can give it a whirl at its Dublin, Grandview, or Worthington stops.

For more information, visit deweyspizza.com.

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