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Urban Target Store Coming to 16th and High in 2018

Brent Warren Brent Warren Urban Target Store Coming to 16th and High in 2018
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After years of speculation about the possibility of an urban Target store landing in Downtown Columbus, it appears as though the University District will be the first neighborhood in the city to actually see one of the smaller-footprint stores arrive.

Less than a week after unveiling the name of the Wellington development at the corner of East 16th Avenue and North High Street — and as clean up work continues following the demolition of the eight buildings that once stood on the site — developer Edwards Communities has made a splash today with the news that Target will be its anchor tenant.

Target currently has 23 “flexible-format” stores (previously branded as CityTarget and TargetExpress) open across the country, with plans to open many more in the next two years — mostly in urban markets like New York City and Chicago, but also near large campuses like Penn State and the University of Florida.

“Growth on college campuses and in urban markets is a priority for Target,” said Mark Schindele, Senior VP of Properties at Target. “We’re thrilled to open our first flexible-format store in Franklin County and to join the Buckeye community.”

The new stores clock in at around 30,000 square feet in size, compared to the traditional Target layout that calls for a footprint of 125,000 square feet or more.

“A flexible format Target, with fresh groceries and other necessities, will greatly increase the accessibility of everyday items for the more than 25,000 people that live within a ten minute walk of the area,” said Amanda Hoffsis of Campus Partners, the OSU-affiliated nonprofit that unveiled a master plan in June for a larger nine-acre area surrounding the intersection of 15th and High. “This addition to High Street aligns with our goals for a walkable, pedestrian-oriented environment.”

Upon completion, the six-story Wellington will hold 448 students and a large underground parking garage in addition to about 46,000 square feet of ground floor retail. Shoppers anxious for the new Target will have to wait about two years to shop there.

“Timeline for opening is July 2018,” stated Ryan Szymanski of Edwards Communities. “This will correspond with the opening of The Wellington residences as well.”

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