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Two New Support Groups for 3C Passenger Rail

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Linking Ohio – “Linking Ohio is a diverse group of citizens who have lots of different reasons to want passenger rail transportation available in Ohio, starting with the 3-C “Quick Start” Project connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Ohio state government has applied for $564 million in Federal grant dollars to make this passenger train route a reality—here are complete official details.” [Read More]

Ohio Higher Education Rail Network (OHERN) – “The Ohio Higher Education Rail Network (OHERN) is a plan to link all public and private colleges and universities in the state by rail. The OHERN concept grew out of the belief that there is a mutually beneficial and interdependent relationship between education and transportation; where colleges and universities can help build a statewide network of passenger trains and, by building that network, strengthen Ohio’s system of higher education.” [Read More]

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