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Trump Rally and Counter Protest Planned at Ohio Statehouse Tomorrow

Walker Evans Walker Evans Trump Rally and Counter Protest Planned at Ohio Statehouse Tomorrow
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Two groups of activists will converge at the Ohio Statehouse tomorrow to show either their approval or their disapproval of President Trump.

A militia group known as the West Ohio Minutemen are organizing the MAGA Columbus Rally, which is part of a larger national movement to host “Make America Great Again” events all across the US on March 25th. The mission of the march is explained on the national website as such:

“It is about time we stand up for America. We are marching for our President, Vice President, Military, and First Responders. We are the silent majority and we are ready for a real change. A change for how our Veterans are treated when the focus seems to be somewhere else. A change for our first responders who get little credit for what they do, a change for our country. We would like to march nationwide, in at least one city per state and most certainly in DC. We are not protesting anything about America. We are only showing our support for it and encouragement for the change that is happening. At each gathering there will be a donation station to donate food, clothing, toiletries, etc. for homeless Veterans.”

The Trump March Counter Protest is being organized by a local activist group known as Resist, which aims to fight against political policy that excludes individuals based on race, gender, nationality, sexual identity and other factors. Their description of tomorrow’s counter protest is described with the following language:

“On March 4th we successfully came together in shutting down racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, etc. Join us on the 25th to fight back against the Trump message and stand with immigrants in saying NO BAN! NO WALL! Resist xenophobia, resist racism, resist sexism, resist transphobia, resist homophobia, resist capitalism, resist corruption, etc.”

As of the time of publishing, the MAGA March has 13 people listed as attending on the Facebook page, with another 18 marked as interested. The Counter Protest has 382 people listed as attending, with over 1,700 marked as interested.

Update (3/24 1:15pm) – A second Columbus MAGA March event listing can be found here, which lists 272 attendees and and 642 interested, as of the time of this update.

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