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Treehouse Guitars and Keeping Andyman’s Legacy Alive

Briana Henry Briana Henry Treehouse Guitars and Keeping Andyman’s Legacy Alive
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Formerly and famously known as Andyman’s Treehouse, the bar and music venue has transformed into two versions of The Tree Bar. Tucked in next to houses in a quiet neighborhood, I often had trouble giving directions to first-time attendees. The most famous tree in music was taken out, and Tree Bar became treeless. Erik Kang, a former resident of Columbus, and of Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s says, “Maybe 5 years ago, I was sitting by the tree at Tree Bar (then Treehouse), listening to a show. I turned to one of my musician friends and said, “If this tree ever gets cut down, it has to be made into guitars, because it’s heard so much good music over the years.” When I heard that Ryan had bought the bar, and that the tree came down, the first thing I did was call him up to discuss the wood”.

Briana Henry: Where were they made?

Erik Kang: They were handmade by a great builder and friend, Pat Murray. He lived in Columbus for over 20 years, but now lives and works in Chattanooga, TN.

BH: How may guitars were made and how can we get our hands on one?

EK: There was only enough wood to make a few guitars. We managed to squeeze out 3. One will stay at the bar, one will tour around the country with me, and one will be [tentatively] will be raffled off to benefit CD101 for the kids. The guitar that will be raffled off is called “Hey Brother,” and is a tribute to the late Andyman Davis. (The date of the raffle will be announced at a later date)

Before writing articles about metal bands, I had the opportunity to intern at CD102.5, then CD101, during the end of Andyman’s tenure as the most recognizable, gentle, and passionate DJ on the airwaves. Andymanathon pushes on as a continuation of Andyman’s great legacy as well as contributing to help children.

Join CD102.5 in Andymanathon starting now. Contributions to the charity are available through bids on EBay for music memorabilia. (Last night, the Andyman-a-thon kicked off at Skully’s, featuring Blueprint, Envelope, Low Men, and CD102.5’s Remix DJ, DJ Lance. On Sunday, an early benefit concert at The Bluestone features Miranda Sound, Watershed, Los Gravediggers, The Girls!, and Two Cow Garage. Tickets are only available on Sunday and can be purchased at the station or at the door.

The guitars will be revealed at an unveiling party on the 21st of this month at Tree Bar. To see the story of how the Tree Bar Guitars transformed from bark to a musical instrument, visit www.coopguitars.com.

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