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Treat to Try: Yummy Bakery on Sawmill Road

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Yummy Bakery on Sawmill Road
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Yummy Bakery has the best spot for its business in town. Its window is bedecked in multi-level, meticulously decorated wedding cakes, and it just happens to be around the corner from a big bridal gown store. That said, wedding cake displays don’t necessarily scream “pop in for a quick fix.” Even though the bakery has been on the personal radar for a while, it took some time to actually walk through the doors.

But behold: two shiny counters loaded with ready-to-eat bakery sweets. On one side were continental-styled offerings, on the other, treats that earn the establishment its “Persian Bakery” label.

So, which side first? Being a firm frosting fan, the answer is continental, particularly something from the lovely selection of layered square cake slices. The Black Forest and Chocolate Ganache versions are both worthy of stomach space. It’s not so much the parts of the cakes (cake, filling, frosting) that make them worthy, but the whole: each delivers a carefully crafted, mild chocolate base held together with a rich, fluffy, sweet filling. For whatever reason, the cherries in the Black Forest square give it a distinctly appealing oomph and add variety to the landscape.

So then, the other side of the bakery: it’s plainer. The wares form a solid landscape of ecru. That said, the offerings are no less tasty. Sold by weight, a layered bar of flaky pastry encrusted in crystallized in sugar hits all the right notes. There are also diminutive little chickpea cookies. They sound odd, but chickpeas are a useful, neutral background for just about anything from hummus to ice cream. The cookies are deceptively sturdy looking, but they cooperatively crumble on the first bite. You can tell there’s something substantial and exotic in the sweet things, but you’d be hard pressed to guess it was a legume.

Maybe that means that the cookies can work as a lunch substitute.

You can find Yummy Bakery at 6325 Sawmill Road. Just look for the bridal gowns, and you’re super close.

For more information, visit www.yummy-bakery.com.

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