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Treat to Try: Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery’s Carmello Ice Cream

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery’s Carmello Ice CreamPhoto via The Hills Market Downtown Facebook Page.
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Goat cheese has long enjoyed its place in the sun in culinary circles. It goes on pizza, it goes in salads. It’s appeared pretty much everywhere any other sort of cheese might normally go.

Outside of the cheese scene, goat milk itself has not been as universally integrated into dining menus. You don’t see goat cream soups or custards on menus. So, spotting Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery Goat Milk Ice Cream in a retail freezer spawned inevitable curiosity. Because, of course, nothing sounds more appetizing than ice cream made from goat milk that’s also somehow associated with the claws of a turkey.

All kidding aside, the design on the pint of ice cream is attractive. The artwork is simple and streamlined, and there’s no confusion about the goat element: a line drawing of a goat graces the lid of the the creamery’s Carmello flavor. Inside the container, a creamy, pale concoction awaits. It’s a little icier than a traditional premium ice cream, but no less sweet, and it offers a natural, but defined caramel accent. The goat contribution, often distinct in cheese, is mild, grabbing only faintly after the caramel flavor is gone. Truly, the dessert is delicate and lovely.

The ingredient list on the back is pretty simple. Goat milk is the first item. There’s caramel, sugar and (surprise) the house award-winning chevre is in there too. The label announces that there are no nuts, eggs or cow milk involved in the production. There are no particular claims about the benefits of goat’s milk, but the internet says goat’s milk products are good options for people with lactose-intolerance. Those afflicted should probably fact-check that before finishing off a pint.

Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery itself might be better known as a popular Ohio purveyor of goat cheeses: chevre, gouda, feta and curds. The farm is based in Wauseon, Ohio. We found its ice cream at Hills, and Turkeyfoot lists its products as available at Weiland’s and area restaurants too.

For more informations, visit turkeyfootcreek.com.


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