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Treat to Try: Tremont Goodie Shop

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Tremont Goodie Shop
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The Tremont Goodie Shop is nothing new. With decades of operation, it’s closer to something on the lines of a local institution. The shop is tucked away in a little strip mall deep in the heart of Upper Arlington, equipped with a crosswalk that connects across the street where there’s a library and an elementary school. The area is so idyllic, it’s otherworldly.

Inside the Goodie Shop, it’s an old school parade of confections and cookies with and without frosting. Like any bakery, the best approach is to point-n-pick. The prices for the goodies (ranging from eighty cents to just under three dollars) make it easy to take lots of risks.

The photo displays the day’s haul. At the base is a pecan crispy. Bigger than an outstretched hand, it’s the size of a dinner plate and scores immediate points for that attribute. It’s barely-there foundation is deeply encrusted with cinnamon sugar and pecans, like the best part of a coffee cake (the topping). There are also giant sour cream chocolate chip cookies. They’re uncommonly soft and cakey, with the sour cream element adding a bit of tang to team with the intense charge of the big, dark chocolate chips.

You’ll also see an Oreo cupcake. It was plucked from a small display of cupcakes with trendy, fussy toppings. It’s more than pretty, though. The treat tastes as good as it looks with a mild, tender-crumbed chocolate base that supports its impossibly light and sweet crown of swirled frosting.

For the more health-oriented, there are muffins. The raisin bran muffin does not taste like cardboard, but like a hearty cake with an earthy sweetness supporting a respectable supply of raisins. Raisin fans will also like the fruit bars: demure little squares with the dried fruit filling and a tight lid of sweet icing.

And the best for the last: Having picked out five things, we checked with the clerk to find out if there’s something special we missed. Indeed, there was an answer to that question: “The cinnamon sticks.” He pointed at the plainest, most boring looking square in the bakery case. For real? Another guest backed him up.

They were right. Best buy of the day. The modest-looking cinnamon stick is essentially the middle business in a cinnamon roll. It’s velvety soft layers of pastry with wonderfully excessive amounts of sweet cinnamon and icing. Those alone are worth the trip to the little shopping center. You’ll find them at 2116 Tremont Center and online at theoriginalgoodieshop.com.

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