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Treat to Try: Tommy’s Carrot Cake

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Tommy’s Carrot CakePhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Tommy’s Diner on Broad Street is hardly “under the radar.” It seems like the joint is the first place on the national radar when it wants a read on Ohio voters. It’s also a haven for local breakfast fans, as well as fans of diners, generally. Founded in 1989, Tommy’s Diner is a local institution.

But no one ever seems to mention Tommy’s carrot cake. More often, you hear raves about its old-school offerings, omelettes, or roast beef or gyros. Carrot cake can’t even be found on the online menu. Its majesty and perfection was only recently discovered by sheer luck at a holiday potluck. In a world where people bring chips n’ dip and bagged salad, someone brought a majestic carrot cake from Tommy’s Diner. Jackpot.

So of course, further investigation was required.

If it’s not on the online menu, you can at least find Carrot Cake listed as an option on a white board, high above the counters at the back of the joint. Slices of the cake ($3.95) are an option, right there with various pie and chocolate cake choices. A slice of the carrot cake bears not two, but three layers of cake, and therefore three layers of icing. Within this context, there is much to appreciate: it’s coated in a white icing that does not taste fake or sour, but sweet and pure. Teeny shreds of carrots share space in the tender cake crumbs with bits of nuts and (best of all) raisins. There are not enough raisins in the local carrot cake scene. The only thing that could make Tommy’s carrot cake better, in fact, would be more raisins.*

Dessert first, then for those so inclined, there’s a whole Tommy’s scene to explore with breakfast served all day, along with diner-styled lunch options. You can find it at 914 W. Broad Street.

*I acknowledge this is is not necessarily a widely-held sentiment. Go big or go home.

For more information, visit tommydiner.com

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