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Treat to Try: The Sampler at Le Chocoholique

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: The Sampler at Le ChocoholiquePhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Le Chocoholique is a Short North destination known for its coffee, chocolates and cocktails. If you’re an efficiency freak, you can kill at least two birds with one stone by trying out a chocolate sampler that features a variety of its boozy flavors.

The sampler gets you five pretty little chocolate specimens, each with a distinctive look in hues that range from a creamy white chocolate to a deep, almost-black dark chocolate. Inside those chocolate facades, a world of adventure awaits.

First up is a glistening, coppery-colored one called Tipsy Apple Pie. It holds a sweet, fermented-flavored Apple Pie Mead syrup, with bonus little sugar crystals providing an interior nest just inside the smooth chocolate steel.

Then there’s Jack and Coke. Its chocolate shell explodes into flavors from the classic combo. For aspiring food chemists, a look at the ingredient list discloses both JD and “cola extract” as components -which explains how this chocolate miracle can occur.

OYO Bourbon is a straight shooter in a dark chocolate shell, the sharpness of dark chocolate and bourbon comes across like natural partners.

The best approach to these first three specimens is to pop the entire confection into your mouth. They’re not for nibblers, as the syrup inside gushes out when the shell is broken. Eat it in one bite, or make a regretful mess: those are your choices.

For the nibbling crew, we have Rum Raisin. Covered in white chocolate, it holds a soft, but not runny, filling that’s flavored with Kraken Rum and the distinct sweetness of raisins. Alternately, there’s Limoncello Espresso: it’s the cutest chocolate in the bunch, shaped like a diminutive coffee cup. The cup is filled with another creamy filling, this time flavored with smooth Tessora Limoncello. As a bonus, the treat is a triple-play for the destination, hitting all three angles: coffee, liquor and chocolate.

The latter two flavors were the favorites of the bunch, but the experience wouldn’t be nearly as fun without all five items in the sampler. You can score the goods at gourmet grocers like Hills, or assemble your own experience at the 601 N. High St. store.

For more information, visit lechocoholique.com.

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