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Treat to Try: The $57 Cocoa Experience

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: The $57 Cocoa Experience
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In truth, the headline’s a little misleading. The cocoa sold at the Global Gallery in Clintonville is pretty cheap: three bucks. It’s fabulous too. And it seems like plenty of guests can just walk right in with chump change, order some cocoa or tea or coffee, and park it there at a table, talking philosophy interminably.

But sticking with just the beverages at Global Gallery is not that easy for every guest. The space is crawling with relentlessly darling fair-trade hats and scarves and purses and jewelry. How do you just order cocoa and walk away from all this?

It’s everywhere, it’s distracting, and it’s impossible to leave without taking a big hit and loading up on some cuteness: $57 worth of cuteness . . . and a beverage.

So be warned, because the trip for Global Gallery cocoa is an important winter ritual, as hot cocoa is the only likable thing associated with the season of snow and ice.

About the cocoa: Global Gallery’s is impossibly rich and chocolatey and old-fashioned tasting. One sip, and it’s curtains for the Swiss Miss stuff rotting away in the cupboard. It’s thick, it’s frothy, it’s chocolate. If it weren’t so hot, it’d be easy to inhale it in one non-stop guzzle.

It seems reasonable to assume that the shop’s cocoa is made with a fancy chocolate (the fair trade connection). Though reasonable, the assumption is off. The mixologist credits good old fashioned Hartzler Dairy chocolate milk as the providing the magic. That’s still a pretty fancy base: whole milk, glass bottled, not homogenized, from cows raised with no artificial hormones.

Even if the recipe has been revealed, Global Gallery has no worried of rampant DIY copycats. The house uses one of the coffee contraptions to froth up the beverage in a way that the microwave just can’t duplicate.

So, save your pennies, and go get some cocoa. And maybe a cookie too… and a purse that’s made of gum wrappers by someone in South America.

(Global Gallery has a few local stops for its fair trade wares. The cocoa is found at the Clintonville location: 3535 N. High Street)

More information can be found online at www.ggfairtrade.com.

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