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Treat to Try: Sugarplum Macchiato

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Sugarplum MacchiatoPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Since its debut this December, the Sugarplum Macchiato from Dunkin’ has made headlines on CNN, The Today Show and Food & Wine. For all its viral popularity, it’s pretty easy to get here in Columbus…way easier than something like a PS5 console. There wasn’t even a line at prime donut hours (8 a.m.). And it’s served-up surprisingly fast. So, if you’re ready for a win in the holiday shopping season, this treat fits the bill. 

Reviews for the drink have been mixed so far. Some drinkers like it, others consider it an abomination. It doesn’t have the whipped cream and sprinkles of something like the ol’ Starbucks Unicorn. It also doesn’t have the cloying sweetness. Dunkin’s macchiato is positively subdued in comparison. 

What it does have is layers. The bottom half of the iced drink boasts a vaguely purple, creamy berry mix – evidently a blend of raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and plum. The blueberry element comes in the strongest. The top half is mild iced coffee. So, if you shove your straw down in the cup, you start with the berry-cream, because that’s what sits at the bottom. Then it fades to unsweet iced coffee as you suck it down. It’s not bad, really. It’s got a cute name, a cute combo that works much better than expected, and in the aftermath, you don’t feel like a coffee faker who just downed a giant milkshake.

It’s available warm as well, though the clerk recommended cold. The drink concept itself has been in development since 2016. The Nutcracker’s famous sugarplum fairies inspired the concoction, after some thought and experimentation on what “sugarplums” might taste like. 

You can score your own Sugarplum Macchiato through the holidays at one of Dunkin’s nine local stops (they are everywhere). Dunkin’ has a December line-up that features other holiday treats, including winter-themed snowflake donuts that wash down nicely with the Sugarplum Macchiato. 

For more information, visit dunkindonuts.com.

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