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Treat to Try: Simply Sweet Coffee Cake

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Simply Sweet Coffee Cake
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It’s embarrassing that it’s taken so long to try out HTH Market in Linworth. The little market’s gotten lots of recommendations, and it’s devoted to a good cause (Hope Thru Housing). What it took to finally put the car in park was complete desperation: it’s hard to find a good peach on a weekday.

The market does have lots of Ohio produce, but that’s not all: you’ll also find various baked and jarred goods from a bevy of Ohio producers. Case in point: the Fall Harvest Coffee Cake from Simply Sweet Bakery in Fredricktown.

Let’s start here: The slices? They’re a full quarter of a cake. Who wants to eat a slim slice of coffee cake when you could score a mammoth masterpiece like that? And it is a masterpiece: thickly drizzled with sweet white icing, then sprinkled with streusel. The streusel’s not just on top: it forms a gravel crust under the cake too. Oh, we’re not done yet: there’s a tunnel of fruit inside. The tunnel comes in different flavors, the version that made it home had sweet raisins and apples. The cake itself is sweet and heavy courtesy a recipe that involves both butter and sour cream. In fact, butter is the first thing listed on the ingredient list.

The bakery makes more than coffee cake, and HTH sells its other wares too. There was carrot cake, pies, chocolate chip cookies, and a pretty sugar cookie that was also selected for a test drive. The cookie itself was appealingly soft, supporting a sugary icing. In a world that offers too many stale cookies with weirdly unsweet icing, this one was a peach.

Speaking of, the market did have sweet, messy peaches… and tomatoes and sweet corn and the last blast for strawberry season. There’s even an Ohio meat and dairy selection, all in one tiny stop at 2340 W. Dublin-Granville Road.

For more information, visit www.simplysweetfoods.com and www.farmersmarketcolumbus.com.

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