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Treat to Try: Schmidt’s (Truck) Cream Puff

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Schmidt’s (Truck) Cream Puff
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Schmidt’s isn’t exactly an unknown quantity in Columbus. Last I checked, its Bahama Mama was named the official food of Columbus. Which makes sense, it’s large and sturdy, and just spicy enough to keep things interesting. Schmidt’s has also been a destination point for a national television show, Man Vs Food. So, the spot is on the radar.

Besides the Bahama Mama, the other thing Schmidt’s is famous for is its jumbo cream puffs. The jumbo part is not an overstatement, they are huge. “Huge” as in “too big to eat by yourself.” This assessment is made as someone who hates to share food, but truth is truth. Don’t do it alone.

Nicely, Schmidt’s has been sending around a food truck, so you can score some of its popular items on just about any side of town. The food truck operation is not a particularly new project, the business is getting ready to launch its third mobile unit. It is, however, a perfect outlet for the giant cream puff. Buy it from the truck, and take it home to gorge in private where there are no witnesses.

Beyond its hugeness, the cream puff is a fine specimen from the local baked goods scene. Its tender shell is mildly spherical (in the uncontrolled way that baked goods have shapes). It’s split and filled with a thick cream tinged with slightly golden tones.

The proof is in that pudding, so to speak. The filling is not that sugary, fluffy, tasteless cheater stuff. It’s sturdy, and rich with a deeper sweetness. The puff itself then works as a foil to add a little texture and variety to the mix. It’s also dusted in powdered sugar for some demure prettiness… at least, as much as a giant globe of excess can be “demure.”

You can score one for six bucks. It’s a whole lot of happiness for an affordable price.

For more information, visit www.schmidthaus.com/sausage-truck/.

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