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Treat to Try: Schmidt’s Latte Cream Puff

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Schmidt’s Latte Cream PuffSchmidt's Latte Cream Puff - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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It’s time for a mash-up. Two Columbus institutions, Schmidt’s and Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, have teamed up to finally bring us what we really deserve: Latte Cream Puffs. 

Seriously, after endless pandemic isolation, and extreme governmental turbulence, we need some comfort. And our local cultural icons are here for us.  

The Latte Cream Puff is built on Schmidt’s traditional cream puff pastry that yields a giant, two-fist-size culinary wonder. It starts with the tender pastry shell, with the radius of a softball. Normally, that shell holds a feather-light, dreamy-creamy vanilla filling. As you might guess, the Latte Cream Puff also holds a filling, but it’s tinged with coffee flavor, just the right amount, so it’s like a sweet coffee ice cream, but with all the extra smoothness of cream puff filling. 

For coffee snobs, the exact variant of coffee is Stauf’s Cerrado Espresso blend, profiled as moderate to low acidity, as well as “sweet” and “nutty.”

For the rest of us: It works. Sugary, sturdy, silky and comforting: 2021 is already looking better. 

You can dine-in. You can also grab-n-go. It’s available right up front in the case at the original Schmidt’s in German Village. And while you peruse the case, you might notice other delights in the cream puff department. There’s the vanilla, there’s the chocolate, and…there’s the heretofore unrealized buckeye version with peanut butter cream and a thick chocolate shellacking over the top.  

But those treats are available any time. If you want the latte wonder, you need to get yourself to Schmidt’s before the end of January. The eating empire showcases different cream puff flavors each month, so February will usher in a new option. 

Additionally, to make cream puff acquisition extra-easy, you can also score the dessert at one of Schmidt’s three mobile units. 

You’ll find Schmidt’s at 240 E. Kossuth St. in German Village.

For more information, visit schmidthaus.com.

*”Schmidt’s & Stauf’s” is a sweet tongue-twister, if you say it three times fast.

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