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Treat to Try: Sadie Baby Sweets

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Sadie Baby SweetsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Of all the eating holidays, Easter is the best. There’s the ham, the hashbrown casserole . . . and most importantly, the giant chocolate eggs and bunnies. There’s not another holiday where you get to decapitate a large confectionary mammal. 

To be honest, personal anthropomorphic tendencies have pretty much sucked the joy out of the chocolate bunny experience: Eating things with eyes is a painful task for particularly tender-hearted people. Fortunately, Sadie Baby Sweets has plenty of satisfying pastel-hued sweets that have zero eyeballs.

Consider instead its house-made chocolate-covered caramel pretzel. The house chocolate is a custom mix of dark and milk to deliver an optimized mix of intensity and smoothness that comes from each element. It creates a shell for the sweet caramel that coats a salty pretzel stick. And the treat is covered in the right balance of sprinkles: Enough to give it some spring color, but not so much that it destroys the salty-caramel-chocolate blend. 

Or there are dipped Oreos, again, delivering all the goodness of an Oreo cookie (in a springy strawberry flavor), with extra sugar and seasonal panache. The favorite option so far, though, has been the peanut butter bars: A peanut butter filling, coated in chocolate. It’s like a fancified Reese’s Cup or buckeye. Granted, some of the bars do have confectionary rabbits on them. But the bunnies are small, and not terribly three-dimensional. So it doesn’t feel as much like killing an innocent*.

There’s a whole selection of sugar that expands into an astounding array of cakes pops and cookies as well. Sadie Baby does lots of catering gigs and special orders. It also does farmers markets. But the key for this week is the fact that it hosts open store hours for impulse buys Thursdays through Saturdays at 1171 W. Third Ave. in Grandview.

For more information, visit sadiebabysweets.com.

*I’m not actually joking about any of this. It is a problem.  

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