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Treat to Try: Pine Grove Farm & Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Pine Grove Farm & BakeryPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Time is slipping away on the outdoor farmers’ market scene. Some markets move to indoor locations, some call it a season until spring. It’s getting cold for for fresh produce. It’s getting cold for standing outside minding shop.

One of the last stands standing in the bitterly cold wind this past weekend was manned (literally) by a tall fellow with a wide brimmed hat, work boots, and a distinctive beard that suggested an Amish background. There wasn’t much signage or pizzaz at his stand, just rows of goodies from Pine Grove Farm & Bakery.

Pine Grove’s goods are certified organic, but they’re more than that, they’re made with grains that are planted and harvested with equipment that’s powered by horses. Yes, horses.

The selection on the table included a lot of spelt products — spelt bread, spelt donuts, and spelt cookies (all bargain priced). Spelt is often referred to as an “ancient grain,” and is some sort of cousin to the good ol’ Monsanto-engineered wheat products we all know and love. It’s no shocker, then, that spelt works well in chocolate chip cookies.

Pine Grove’s thick oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are chewy, and appropriately dotted with chips. An eater might not guess that the first ingredient is actually spelt flour (then the oatmeal) or that it has maple syrup in the mix. It’s all in there, along with eggs and chips and leavening. A little sugar on top catches the light and makes them twinkle.

They’re good cookies, and I’m a sucker for great stories that include horse-powered harvests.

Pine Grove’s literature does not include reference to a telephone number or website. The internet wasn’t much help. Driving out to its address in Fredericktown might be one option (7739 Township Rd. 95), but the tall man did promise to be back at the farmer’s market this weekend in Clintonville.

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