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Treat to Try: Pattycake’s Gluten-Free Goodies

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Pattycake’s Gluten-Free GoodiesPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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When Pattycake Bakery first introduced its vegan baked goods, it seemed like magic and trickery. Eggs and butter are traditionally viewed as standard requirements in the cookie and cake world. And yet, there was Pattycake, turning out treats that lacked nothing in the sensory department, and it was doing it all without animal products: no eggs, no butter.

Now the bakery has gone too far. It’s introduced a line-up of gluten-free vegan goodies. That’d be treats made without butter, eggs, or wheat flour. What’s left? Pixie Dust?

Apparently so, because Pattycake’s gluten-free vegan things are the bomb. Try the gluten-free brownie first — it’s a compact brick, fudgy and dense. It’s hard to mess up anything when you start with super-premium chocolate, and Pattycake Bakery’s version is notable, even without flour.

The gluten-free chocolate chip cookie is appealing too, containing a lot of quality chips. Admittedly, the cookie was more crumbly than the brownie, and more crumbly than the bakery’s conventional cookies; but cookie crumbles have merits all their own, even if they’re messier.

The cookie crumbliness actually makes for a cool scientific observation. In baking, both eggs and the gluten in flour operate as “binding agents.” Take those items out of the equation, and cookies have a harder time remaining intact.

If you score Pattycake’s cookies at a local grocer, it’ll come with a label that lets you peek behind the curtain into the magic that makes the goods. In the case of the cookies, it’s rice flour, garbanzo bean flour, and flax seeds. There’s always interesting stuff in the Pattycake mix, it seems. For those who don’t dig chocolate flavors, there’s a gluten-free ginger spice cookie flavor, too.

You can find the treats at the bakery itself at 3009 N. High St., or at its retail outlets listed at pattycakeveganbakery.com.

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