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Treat to try: Pattycake Bakery’s Sticky Buns

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to try: Pattycake Bakery’s Sticky Buns
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Looking for a weekend breakfast treat? Head to Pattycake Bakery for one of their Sticky Buns. Baked fresh every Saturday, the original vanilla sticky bun is a hefty size, super soft, lightly browned and not super sweet. The inside of the roll is lightly coated with cinnamon that is not syrupy. The bottom has a light sugary glaze. I picked this up to go at about 4 this afternoon and it was packaged lightly with brown bakery tissue and placed in a brown paper bag. When I got it home about an hour later it was still nice and warm.

Pattycake Bakery's orange sticky bun, left and vanilla sticky bun, right.

I also decided to try the orange version. This one happened to be considerably larger than the vanilla sticky bun, but that’s probably just the luck of the draw. While the icing wasn’t as evenly distributed and was a bit harder, it had a bright orange flavor. You can buy sticky buns every Saturday at Pattycake Bakery for $3.95. They usually have leftovers on Sunday and the day-old price is $3.00.

Pattycake Bakery uses no trans fats, minimally refined sugars, no animal products, and mostly organic ingredients. If you haven’t tried them, stop in! You’re in for a treat. They are located at 3009 N. High Street Columbus OH, 43202. Visit their website at pattycakebakery.com. Be tempted daily by liking Pattycake on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

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