Treat to Try: Panadería Mi Pueblo at Saraga International Grocery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Panadería Mi Pueblo at Saraga International GroceryPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Everyone — everyone — knows about Momo Ghar inside Saraga market. But, it’s not the only micro business inside the international grocery store. The building is a veritable mall with side operations working all around the perimeter walls. Case in point: Panaderia Mi Pueblo.

It’s hard to miss Mi Pueblo; It’s stationed between the grocery checkouts and the building exit. The operation is a bakery that features veritable walls of baked goods that stretch overhead behind the doors of glass cases. It’s mostly offered self-service style. Grab a pair of salad tongs and a baking sheet, open the cabinet doors, and grab away. The most recent fishing expedition yielded three baked items: A mini chocolate cake (or a giant chocolate cupcake, however you want to look at it), a large pink biscuit, and a layered strawberry cake.

The chocolate cake item was the absolute best. It looks like a Hoho, but there’s no cream filling inside. Normally, that would be disappointing, but there is instead a discreet shot of strawberry filling down the center. It’s sugary, like the sort of thing you might put in a banana split, and there’s just enough to leave you wanting more along with the tender-crumbed chocolate cake.

The biscuit is a harder sell. No doubt, the giant pink globe is magnificent to behold. It’s also not terribly sweet and coarse-crumbed. While it, too, has a wedge of red fruity jelly stuff inside, it needs more jelly, a lot more jelly, to justify further stomach space and compete with the aforementioned Chocolate Wonder.

Onwards to the strawberry-topped cake, the very best bits of which are the stark white icing (super sweet and fluffy), and the sugary strawberry on top. The cake layers beneath are soft and comforting, they tag along and ride on the virtues of the fancy cake decoration.

The bakery’s cabinets hold more, much more, for exploration. There are cookies in a variety of flavors, breads, rolls, muffins, and things covered in an avalanche of sprinkles. Prices are generally one or two bucks a hit. You can find it at the front of Saraga Market at 1265 Morse Rd.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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