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Treat to Try: Omega Cinnamon Rolls

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Omega Cinnamon RollsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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The longstanding Omega Artisan Baking has been artisan long before artisan was a thing. The North Market mainstay is renowned for its croissants, challah, and a host of breads and treats made in small batches. 

And although Omega makes lots of (artisan) things, it’s also on everyone’s Cinnamon Roll Bucket List. In fact, “everyone” includes national coverage in Food Network Magazine, which once declared Omega’s cinnamon roll as “The Best Breakfast in Ohio.”

What makes it the best breakfast in Ohio? Well, it’s certainly not the frosting. Omega is restrained in its application of pastry icing, weighing in with just a white, zig-zagged drizzle on top. Normally that would be a problem, especially for sugar-fiends. But, wait!

The cinnamon-sugar element in Omega’s rolls is large and in charge. The folds of bread hold substantial walls of cinnamon-sugar that start at the top, and run all the way to crystalize at the bottom of each roll. How substantial? If you ate away all the bread in a house cinnamon roll, those walls of sugar could probably stand by themselves. Plus, they offer more than just an empty, unsatisfying sweetness, there’s a defined, clear-cut cinnamon flavor, one that’s often missing in big-box pastries.

Of course, it’s not a baked good without the bread itself that forms the base of the cinnamon roll. Omega’s is not a doughy, dense bread, but rather a light, airy bread dough. The components all come together to make a full, wide pastry that’s sold from Omega’s counter wrapped in folds of white paper, for dignified, on-the-go consumption. 

Beyond the cinnamon roll scene, there are plenty of other Omega edibles to try out. Depending on when you arrive, you might find its counter filled with cranberry scones, donut muffins, galettes, savory tarts or quiche, not to mention its soft, fresh-baked pretzel rolls. And if you want to learn Omega’s secrets for yourself, you can sign up for its classes and begin to master the whole process, start to finish.

You’ll find the bakery, and its cinnamon rolls, in the North Market, 59 Spruce St.

For more information, visit omegaartisanbakingoh.com.

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