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Treat to Try: Mammoth Cinnamon Roll from A Few of My Favorite Things

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Mammoth Cinnamon Roll from A Few of My Favorite ThingsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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The business cards for A Few of My Favorite Things bakery feature a little quotation attributed to the Book of Matthew at the bottom: “With God all things are possible.” If that’s the reason the bakery’s cinnamon rolls are so dang transcendent, sign me up.

The cards also mention that the baking operation is owned by David and Robin Beyer.

It’s true that cinnamon rolls are not particularly hard to find in Columbus, but good cinnamon rolls — that’s another story. Too often, a perfectly pleasant-looking cinnamon roll delivers mountains of betrayal with icing that is sour, or worse yet, icing that is oily and flavorless. There’s also a plague of cinnamon rolls whose cinnamon elements are barely detectable, as the filling ends up fully absorbed by the bread during the baking process.

The Beyers’ rolls are all the things that average cinnamon rolls are not. Packaged individually in clamshell containers, the over-the-top pastries are ladled with a sweet icing that’s worth eating. Inside the folds of soft and tender bread, each bite offers a well-defined cinnamon filling that adds a sugary accent of its own. And there are nuts, and the roll is mammoth, and it’s bargain priced at only $3. Everything about the pastry is filled with goodness, or God-ness, as may be the case here.

The Beyers operate out of Canal Winchester. They do custom orders, but they also set up shop at local farmers’ markets for impulse buyers and bingers. Beyond the cinnamon roll scene, they also offer cookies (iced, chocolate chip, and peanut butter), pies, and a variety of pickles that include a seldom-seen version of Chow Chow.

The operation’s website has information for orders, and also where to find them at their next farmers’ market appearance (they do the Worthington indoor market frequently): favoritethingsfoods.com. It’s aptly named.

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