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Treat to Try: Lion Cub’s Cookies

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Lion Cub’s CookiesLion Cub's Cookies - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Lion’s Paw Cookies

That’s not it.

Lion’s Cub Cookies


Lion Cub’s Cookies

THAT’S IT! That’s the ticket. Singular lion, possessive cub, many cookies. On a personal level, the baker’s name has been challenging. Its house cookies are large and truly mounded, like big predator paws. That initial association has wrecked havoc in the memory department. 

But eventually, the cookies made an appearance in a pal’s social media, and they popped up at a moment when ordering could actually happen. Lion Cub’s Cookies are only available through delivery, and each area of town has its own designated day. Additionally, the window for ordering on your appointed day is not large. In fact, the house chocolate chip cookies were already sold out when we hit the website. There was consolation, though, in the form of some other house options.

Consider Chocolate Milk. It’s described as reminiscent of chocolate milk, but that’s only if you drink straight Godiva syrup like a shot. Covered with a swirl of chocolate frosting, it is a big mountain of dense, super-chocolatey brownie. With dark, intense chips. Divine. 

Or the Strawberry Cookies n’ Cream. That one has bits of Golden Oreo, super-sweet white chocolate chips, and bits of tart strawberry. Carrot Cake, swirled with frosting, offers a cinnamon charge with big, fat raisins and more white chocolate chips. One eater declared it better than actual carrot cake (and it is all the best things about carrot cake, on steroids).

Part of the joy of these things is in the cookie shape. They are crazy tall, with a crisp outside and a chewy, soft inside. The cookies are as big as muffins, but denser. Better. The flavor selection changes on a regular basis, although chocolate chip makes a perennial appearance (if you can get them before they sell out). 

Eventually, Lion Cub’s Cookies will open a storefront. But don’t wait. Go ahead and splurge on a cookie delivery (thank you Driver Joel). It’ll run about $20 for four mammoth cookies, but that’s a good price for all the joy and wonder that accompanies them.   

Here ya go: lioncubscookies.com.

Photos by Miriam Bowers Abbott

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