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Treat to Try: Legacy Smokehouse Bread Pudding

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Legacy Smokehouse Bread PuddingPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Bread Pudding has always come across like a Cinderella story in the dessert scene. First, it’s not chocolate, so that makes it an automatic underdog. Moreover, traditional recipes for bread pudding call for ingredients that may include leftover or stale bread as its foundation. While odd-sounding, older bread tends to be dryer, so it’s better as a medium for sucking up the liquid and egg elements in the pudding.

That’s not to imply that Legacy Smokehouse uses stale anything to make its house Bread Pudding. The magic formula it uses in the kitchen to concoct the stuff has yet to be revealed. What is evident, though, is that its bread pudding is nobody’s second choice. At Legacy Smokehouse, the dessert is a star all in its own right.

The house version owes no small part of its star power to the freckles of candied bacon bits that inhabit each bite. You don’t have to be a hardcore bacon-in-everything fan to appreciate the little stabs of crunchy saltiness they add variety to the super smooth, super sweet forkfuls of substantial pudding.

The menu description does disclose some of the behind-the-scene magic that makes the dessert special. The pudding base is built on the house pretzel bread and teamed with a milky caramel sauce that not only fully infuses each bite, but also oozes extra sweetness around the edges. Gilding the lily is some maple whipped cream that melts and merges into the divine oblivion. Whatever the magic, it works.

Legacy Smokehouse has bread pudding on the menu at both locations in Hilliard and on Greenlawn Avenue. While the dessert is a bona fide destination dish, that’s not saying you shouldn’t stay and investigate the rest of the menu. Legacy Smokehouse has great ribs and brisket and all the smoked foods you might need. And if bread pudding’s not your bag, there’s a classic banana pudding option too.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.


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