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Treat to Try: Jenny’s Tasty Treats

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Jenny’s Tasty TreatsJenny's Tasty Treats - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Look how cute these are! In the arena of Treats to Try, Jenny’s Tasty Treats are unreasonably charming, and aptly named. Up for particular consideration today are its brownies and bars, each one neatly tucked into a perfectly-sized plastic clamshell box; easy for retail, also easy for discreet transport and possibly less discreet scarfing. 

Like all good brownies, the Chocolate Fudge Brownie has its own shiny brownie top, and the precisely cut treat itself pops right out of its box for easy hand-to-mouth action. The brownie is dense, with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate in every fudgy bite. 

Normally, brownies are always the favorite, and there’s plenty to love about the brownie…but the house Cream Cheese Square is life changing. It’s also probably better with a fork or some sort of utensil. In terms of texture, the square is softer and velvety, much like a cheesecake. But this cheesecake treat is topped with a sugary cinnamon streusel that jumps out and dances in its own glory. Plus, the ingredient list on the box gives away an additional part of the secret that supports all this success: a crescent roll crust. That’s a selling point right there; more things on this planet should be made with crescent rolls. 

Beyond the little boxes of fun, Jenny’s Tasty Treats maintains a world of sugary goodness in its Columbus-based online store. There, shoppers can find chocolate chip cookies, no-bakes, truffles, and a host of other confections that includes muffins and quick breads. These other items won’t fit as perfectly in the little boxes, but they’ll likely taste just as good. 

Online is fine. For impulse purchases, though, you’ll find Jenny’s Tasty Treats at a few local destinations. The website suggests hitting up stops that include the WexMed gift shop, The Cheese House, Olympic Diner and Weiland’s.

For more information, visit jennystastytreats.com.

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