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Treat to Try: Ice Cream at the NEW Saraga

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Ice Cream at the NEW SaragaPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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The debut of Cleveland Avenue’s Saraga market brings more than a new (international) grocery option to the community. Just like at the Morse Road location, the new Saraga comes with its own little food court on the side. So far, the structure supports a taco joint, a bakery, a momo place…and the dish du jour: ice cream. 

The letters above the spot spell out P-a-l-e-t-e-r-i-a, which might suggest a place for popsicles. Indeed, there are popsicles, in all the fruity flavors you’d expect, plus some chunky ones embedded with goodies like Oreo cookies, too. All the same, it seems like there’s more freezer space at the operation devoted to ice cream. And it’s in the ice cream selection that we found a particularly unusual, and strikingly good flavor: Caramel Cranberry. The duo doesn’t seem like a normal combination, and that adds extra intrigue, because once you try the combo, the flavor is instantly likable.

Caramel Cranberry is built on a creamy vanilla foundation. The base sports chewy, plumped cranberries (similar to sweetened Craisins, only with more moisture) that mix with swirly splotches of caramel. Ultimately, the caramel merges with the berries to give them a candy-richness. With fall right around the corner, it’s the perfect antidote for the inevitable, imminent pumpkin spice overkill.

There are other flavors of ice cream too – lots of other flavors. Strawberry & Butter sounded promisingly unusual. Taste-wise, it offers another vanilla base, this time densely striped with a sweet, syrupy strawberry puree. The flavor is not particularly buttery, outside of the normal dairy accents contributed by the cream base. Strawberry swirl ice cream is still darn good, though.

For those who seek familiar flavors, you’ll find the ice cream freezers offer a selection that includes eggnog, pistachio, bubble gum, cake, chocolate chip, and cheese (like cheesecake). There’s lots to explore both inside the new creamery and inside the new Saraga. You can find it at 3353 Cleveland Ave.

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