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Treat to Try: Happy Little Treats

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Happy Little TreatsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Happy Little Treats is one of the outcomes of the disassembly of a well-known, well-loved local project called Angry Baker. And while “happy” and “angry” are diametrically opposed in terms of literal meaning, the legacy of excellent baked goods and sweets continues on. 

Happy is vegan – that’s good to know up front. There’s no dairy or eggs involved in any of its goodies. That’s a feature you might not even notice. If there’s some sort of vegan-declaration at the eatery, it’s overwhelmed by the shelves of distracting sweets. There are meticulously frosted cupcakes, thick bricks of brownies, cookies, donuts, gorgeous pop-tarts…and, there they are: parfaits.

It might be too hopeful to call parfaits a trend. They’re not truly a trend yet, but they could be. They should be. They’re the casseroles of the dessert world, a little bit of everything mashed together in a tall glass. What’s not to love?

The obvious choice for snacking is the one with chocolate in it. Its name is unclear, but it beckons from the display. The clear serving cup displays drizzles of chocolate sauce that run from the top to the bottom, surrounding layers of chunky-crumbled chocolate chip cookie and whirls of frosting.  The counter-person described it as something like a “de-constructed” cookie, perhaps more of a variant on a whoopie pie.

That’s just looks, though. The first taste puts it over the top. You’d think that the swirls of frosting would possibly be too much. They are not too much. Heavens, that frosting is good…and light enough to hit bite-after-bite with spoonfuls of cookie bits, densely populated with chocolate chips.

While the parfait is a must-have, it’d be a shame to miss the house pop-tarts. As an adult, commercial pop-tarts have been constant disappointments. Whatever charm they held in earlier years evaporates with every bite into cardboard-like pastry that holds fillings and frosting that somehow all tastes the same. Happy’s pop-tarts boast a tender, icing-topped pastry, and they ooze with both filling and flavor. Get one of those for breakfast, have the parfait for dessert. 

We found ours at the Upper Arlington location at 1962 N. Mallway Drive, the sweet shop also has a Short North stop at 1247 N. High St.

For more information, visit Happy Little Treats’ Facebook Page.

Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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