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Treat to Try: Gooey Butter Cake

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Gooey Butter CakeAll photos by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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If there’s one thing the world needs more of, it’s Gooey Butter Cake. Granted, it’s not the most exquisite looking treat. A sprinkling of powdered sugar on top helps it out, but butter cake still won’t win any cooking competitions for its architectural elements. It doesn’t even involve any frosting at all, but it’s still the first thing to go at a potluck dessert table.

And, as luck would have it, Carolyn’s Bake Shop is putting Gooey Butter Cake out there into the universe of grab-n-go treats. 

It’s not the familiar-sized sheet cake, but a smaller, saucer-sized version. The offering is probably too large for a normal single serving, but I can’t promise that you’ll want to share. One taste and all bets are off.

You’re probably thinking, “Fine it’s a cake that tastes like butter.” Nope. It’s not very cakey – and it doesn’t really taste that much like butter. It tastes like sugar, or rather, like some sort of intense richness that’s been fortified with sugar. It appeals to all the very most basic of human cravings.

Each container of Carolyn’s butter cake holds a sunny yellow masterpiece, dusted with the aforementioned powdered sugar. Instead of a porous cake texture, the cake has a texture that’s closer to a hybrid between a cookie and fudge. It’s smooth, with a shiny sugar-crust top. 

If you are lucky enough to know someone who bakes butter cake, you know there are lots of versions of recipes. Based on the ingredient list, Carolyn’s seems typical in some ways – there’s cream cheese, eggs and sugar. It’s distinct in others – most home cooks rely on including a cake mix for some of the magic. It doesn’t look like it’s part of the magic for Carolyn’s. No shade, either way, the outcome is pretty terrific. 

You can find Gooey Butter Cake at gourmet grocers such as Hills, or you can visit the bakeshop website to check out a giant selection of treats to try: carolynsbakeshop.com.

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