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Treat to Try: Giorgio Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Giorgio Chocolate Hazelnut CookiesPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Giorgio Cookie Company is a little bakery that set up shop in Bellaire, Ohio a few years ago. It’s made a name for itself with its biscotti and fussy cookies. And while biscotti can be an acquired taste, and a lifetime of pretty cookies has taught some scarring lessons about the deceptiveness of pretty party fare, Giorgio delivers.

Consider the Chocolate Hazelnut cookies. You can’t necessarily tell from the box that they’re huge. Each “cookie” is a masterpiece built on a foundation of two cookies (oreo-sandwich style). The cookie foundation is a buttery-butter cookie (made with real butter, not faux fats) shaped with deep, decorative grooves. Between the two cookies is chocolate-hazelnut spread; for Nutella fans, that’s a panacea of happiness.

But that’s not all. The sandwich itself is dipped in chocolate, then sprinkled in finely ground hazelnuts. Then (finally), the whole thing is dusted in powdered sugar.

It’s gorgeous. So it’s got to be disappointing, right? Nothing that gorgeous could be the real deal… except it is. As pretty as it is, it’s not pretty for long; the butter cookie collapses on the first bite, adding its defining characteristics to the swirling chocolatey sea that rises up and takes top billing. Essentially, it’s a classy delivery-system for Nutella; for when eating it from the jar with a spoon becomes socially unacceptable.

The company’s big enough to provide nutrition labeling on the cookies. They’re cookies, so they make about the same contribution to the daily diet as a Snicker’s bar (no surprises there). It looks like there’s some Vitamin A and iron in the mix, if you need other reasons to eat cookies.

As for the ingredients, they’re not organic, but they’re not too mysterious-sounding (who ever wrote them has a penchant for disclosing everything, including the ingredients in vanilla exact). There’s wheat and sugar and nuts, so these sandwich cookies aren’t for those with dietary restrictions.

You can score Giorgio’s offerings at local gourmet grocers such as Weiland’s and Hills.

For more information, visit www.giorgiocookieco.com.

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