Treat to Try: Fresh Strawberry Cake from Golden Delight Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Fresh Strawberry Cake from Golden Delight Bakery
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It seems like Golden Delight Bakery on Bethel Road has just always flown a sign proclaiming that it’s the home of the Fresh Strawberry Cake.

That’s certainly worth investigation, especially in warm-weather months.

The bakery is located on a stretch that is known for fantastic ethnic eats. Within a mile, you’ll find Middle Eastern, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese options galore. In this case, Golden Delight happens to be an Asian bakery.

There’s a little line at the bakery counter. So, when you order a slice of the cake, there will likely be an audience of customers, and they will offer positive reinforcement for the choice. Is there really something special about the strawberry cake? Solemn nods.

Although, when asked what makes the cake so special, there was more befuddlement from the customers, and vague answers like, “There’s just something about it.”

Very well. The Fresh Strawberry Cake is a layer cake. The layers themselves are not strawberry-flavored. The bright white layers are fantastically light, with a tender sponge that’s crumb-free.

Sandwiched in between the layers is the strawberry part: little slices of the fruit share space with white frosting. The frosting sort of adds to the charm. It’s not super-sweet so as to overwhelm the strawberries. Instead, it’s just sweet enough to compliment them.

There are lots of other things at the bakery to explore too, the Pandan cake is one of them. The Pandan frosting and cake are both a lovely minty green color and the characteristic comes from something called pandanus amaryllifolius leaves. The result is actually very similar to a normal cake, though the little bits of green coconut in the frosting give it a coconut accent.

So, cake is generally good at Golden Delight Bakery, and you can walk out with two slices of cake for just under $5 (all in, the order came to $4.90), so it’s a bargain too. According to the internet, the proprietor is a little like the famous soup-seller on Seinfeld. She was nice enough during the visit, and quite confident that the cake choices were good ones.

You can see for yourself at 1516 Bethel Road.

For more info, visit

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