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Treat to Try: Freeze Style Ice Cream in Upper Arlington

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Freeze Style Ice Cream in Upper ArlingtonPhoto via Facebook.
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Freeze Style Ice Cream made its debut on Lane Avenue at the beginning of 2018. While January’s not exactly prime time for the frozen treat business, it’s in full bloom now during the hot, hot summer. Freeze isn’t in a particularly obvious place. Its storefront doesn’t face the main street, so you have to know what you’re looking for to find it. Pretend you’re going to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Freeze does rolled ice cream at an affordable price, about $5.25 for regular sized cup that holds a generous sundae. The menu features plenty of house concoctions such as Cookies & Cream or Firecracker (the latter involves PopRocks in the mix), you can also customize your rolled ice cream, choosing from a base, mix-ins and toppings.

One featured combo promised a chocolatey concoction loaded with brownies, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, cookie dough and wafer cookies. You get a little mini-show with your order, sort of like a Japanese Steak House. Using tools that look like paint scrapers, the counter host expertly chops a brownie into bits and mixes it into a chocolate ice cream base on a frozen slab. Once fully blended, the mixture is spread flat, drizzled with chocolate syrup and then scraped up into rolls of ice cream that hold chocolate swirls between their folds. These rolls then get the finishing toppings: dough, chips, syrup and cookies: gorgeous.

The show also offered a little opportunity to do some cross examination. Like, what’s the hardest mix-in? The answer is probably brownies (whoops), because they don’t cut as cooperatively as fruit. The ice cream blends built on a coconut milk base can also be more challenging, because they’re not as creamy and rollable as the regular ice cream base.

The outcome of the first visit was complete satisfaction, and also inspiration: there’s a world of bases and toppings to exploit on subsequent visits.

You’ll find Freeze’s rolled ice creams, along with smoothies and lightbulb teas, at 1731 W. Lane Ave.

For more information, visit upperarlingtonicecream.com.


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