Treat-To-Try: Fate Cakes

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat-To-Try: Fate CakesPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Something happens in groovy grocery stores like Lucky’s: you totally lose all sensibilities when it comes to prices. Find a box of poofy cupcakes and just reflexively chuck it in the cart… never bothering to process the fact that the cashier will ring up $12 for a little bucket of sugar.

Of course, the sugar bucket holds homemade cupcakes, literally: the cupcakes made by Fate Cakes are “home-produced”. That’s what the label says. You get six little cakes for your dozen dollars, which is probably priced about right at $2 each.

And, in the case of Fate Cakes, they’re much better than the run-of-the-mill grocery cupcakes. To be honest, the big box store packs don’t have a whole lot going for them. They are cutely and brightly frosted. Points for that. But the flavor is disturbingly absent. Those cakes are barely even sugary; they’re like big bites of nothingness.

So compare that cupcake expectation to the Fate Cakes experience, and the twelve-dollar hit doesn’t feel so bad at all. The Buckeye version is the most popular.

It starts with the swirly poof of frosting: it’s soft and smooth and equal parts sweet and peanut buttery.

Underneath the fluffy lid is a dense little cupcake -it’s much more like a brownie in texture than a typical springy cake.

Just as brownies deliver an extra flavor charge, so also does Fate Cakes Buckeye. The cake itself has a down-home peanut butter cookie flavor. There is a visible swirl of chocolate in the cupcake, but it doesn’t really hold a great deal of chocolate flavor. This is more a treat for the peanut butter fans of the world -chocolate people might do better to try one of the other flavors such as S’more or Chocolate Lovers.

For the less impulsive shopper, you can also order online at -and the bakery does offer delivery service to OSU.

For more information, visit

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