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Treat to Try: The Fat Girl Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: The Fat Girl BakeryThe Buckeye Brownie and Cinnamon Roll from The Fat Girl Bakery - Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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I’ve never really tested out the old adage, “Never trust a skinny chef.” That said, there’s something awfully appealing about an operation named The Fat Girl Bakery. Especially, as the term “fat” itself can be uncomfortable. Typically, it’s replaced with some sort of euphemism, such as “substantial” or “sturdy.” And although you can’t, generally speaking, call another person “fat,” it’s perfectly okay in a self-reference, as in, “I am fat.”

And so the whole concept of The Fat Girl Bakery has been a bit of a recent obsession.

The bakery is located at a Polaris-area strip mall…but it’s in the back of the strip mall. First-time guests should watch for a little road-side sign to find their way to the bakery, behind the other businesses. And although the notion of a back-road business suggests a level of informality, Fat Girl is as proper as it gets: a classic, polished bakery with glass cases filled with delightfully appointed cupcakes, and bar cookies, and scones and all the other carb-y things you might need. 

Case in point, the Buckeye Brownie is a popular pick. The frosting is swirled as thick as the brownie itself, and that’s a good thing, a very good thing. Too often, local operations make frosting that looks nice, but tastes like whipped vegetable oil. It’s gross. Fat Girl does frosting right with a light, sweet, peanut-butter infused confection that tops a perfectly dense brownie along with a hand-dipped buckeye.  

While not as popular as the fancy brownie, don’t sleep on the cinnamon rolls. The tender, chewy bread surrounds deep creases of flavorful, classic filling. It’s topped with a generous pour of frosting, this time tinged with a touch of cinnamon to match the filling. There’s enough frosting puddled at the base to offer the opportunity to dip the insides of the roll in. We’re talking frosting for every bite. That’s a thoughtful culinary victory in and of itself. 

Truly, more exploration is in order. You’ll find it at 1347 Cameron Ave. 

For more information, visit fatgirlbakery.com.

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