Treat to Try: Eban’s Bakehouse Cookies

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Eban’s Bakehouse CookiesPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Eban’s Bakehouse has a major presence in the bread scene generally, and in the local and gluten-free scenes specifically. It’s known for its bready-breads in a variety of flavors that include oat, cinnamon-raisin, and a seeded bread that hearkens back to HealthNut bread before it went bigtime and ditched half its heavy, nutty goodness.

Given Eban’s bread presence, it’s easy to overlook the house cookies. They’re smaller, for starters. A big loaf of bread is hard to miss: that’s not the case for a cookie, especially in the crowded cookie marketplace. 

Then again, Eban’s cookies come in flavors such as White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal. The best cookie flavor ever invented sort of jumps out at you. The label assures you that, like all Eban’s products, it’s gluten-free. The absence of gluten/wheat just leaves more room for the good stuff, that is dried cherries and white chocolate chips. 

Both are present in abundance. Montmorency tart cherries are actually the second ingredient in the listing, and there’s a cherry (sometimes two) in every bite, offering up a wintery, sweet-tart kick. As for the chips, they deliver the pure, soothing sweetness that is typical of white chocolate. It is real white chocolate, by the way, not “white chips” that are more often seen and taste like cardboard smells. Between the cherries and chips is enough buttery oatmeal cookie to hold it all together. 

The chocolate chip cookie is good too. It doesn’t tout an “organic” label, but the chocolate chips themselves are, and that means they’re extra chocolatey. They’re also the first ingredient on the list.*  

Eban’s has a serious presence here in its homebase of Columbus. You can explore all its offerings, as well as places to score bread and cookies, right here: ebansbakehouse.com.

*I’m assuming that everyone knows that ingredients on packages are listed in the order of quantity. So, for example, when the chips are first, that means there’s more chocolate chips than any other ingredient. That’s a lot of chips. 

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