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Treat to Try: Dueling Vanilla Donut

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to Try: Dueling Vanilla Donut
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Columbus Underground is celebrating Valentine’s Day a week early with Treat Week! We’re profiling all types of desserts, baked goods and other local sweets.

If you haven’t been able to try a donut from pop-up donut shop Destination Donuts yet, get thee to the North Market and try one (although check her schedule first). Can we just say YUM. It may seem silly to go with a simple vanilla donut when there are more very creative flavors on the menu, but most folks love a glazed the best!* and I wanted to try it.

The Dueling Vanilla ($3) is a giant concoction of chewy and thick yeasty dough made with both Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas. It’s about 4 inches across and 2 inches thick. The vanilla bean glaze is dripped on heavily and is steps above your basic sugar glaze. I was not disappointed. After trying one of these, you won’t want to go back to thin grocery store rings!

All of the donuts are made from scratch off-site by Heather Morris. When I stopped in last Saturday, it was a cold wintry day and having one of these donuts slightly chilled was a wonderful treat.

*tasty donut quote from The Donut Chef, by Bob Staake.

Destination Donuts is making appearances at The North Market. Upcoming dates include: February 23 & 24 – open space next to Brezel, March 9 & 10 – open space across from Pastaria, March 16 & 17 – open space next to Brezel. Like them on Facebook.

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