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Treat to Try: Double Chocolate S’mores Parisian Macaron

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to Try: Double Chocolate S’mores Parisian Macaron
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We like to try everything s’mores here and when the new Double Chocolate S’mores Parisian Macarons popped up on Pâtisserie Lallier’s Facebook page, we had to get them. Apparently many of you thought the same, because the early delivers to Luck Bros Coffee and Grandview Grind disappeared quickly. So I placed an order with owner and chef Michelle Kozak. Only $1.50 each, these gluten-free cookies will make you smile.

The dark chocolate ganache is thick and rich, perfectly balanced with the pillow of air that is the chewy and chocolaty handmade marshmallow. It’s all surrounded with two chewy cookies made with the usual almonds but made to taste like graham crackers. That gives it the s’mores oomph. Each macaron is about 2″ in diameter and almost as high. The ingredients not only taste wonderful, but will make you feel wonderful, as Kozak uses as many local and organic items as possible.

The S’mores macaron is an idea that Kozak has been perfecting for at least a year, don’t miss out! You’ll be able to find these in packages of two at several spots around town, and you can special order with a 12-macaron minimum.

For more information visit PatisserieLallier.com.

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