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Treat to Try: Donna’s Delicious Dozen

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Donna’s Delicious DozenPhotos by Miriam Bowers Abbott.
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Donna’s Delicious Dozen has entered the local DIY donut scene with a stop on the main stretch of Hamilton Road. There, you’ll find a welcoming crew of young people ready to throw some donuts in a big, crackling frier and top them with all the sugary goodies your heart desires. 

Even in the middle of summer, hot donuts are better than room-temperature donuts. Of course, there’s nothing bad about cold donuts, but the melty tenderness of a warm, fryer-fresh donut is transcendent. Donna’s has that temperature angle mastered. The team fries when you order. 

And, because there was an unclaimed hot donut in the fryer, the counter crew offered it as an amuse-bouche. That’s when it became abundantly clear that Donna’s plain unfrosted donuts had virtues all their own. Faintly spiced, it’s easier to appreciate the pleasures of a fresh fried donut when it’s unadorned, as its simple fried exterior gives way to an addictive enveloping warmth: sublime.

Back to business, though: The toppings are what we’re here for. Things with strawberry drizzle do really nicely, because the strawberry has real natural strawberry flavor to it, it’s not artificial. For that reason, Banana Splitz (chocolate, strawberry and banana drizzles with nuts) and Biscuits and Jam (fine graham crumbs and strawberry drizzle) are both stand-out selections. 

Yes, there is more chocolate in the house. PB Dream Cup hits the spot with chocolate icing, peanut butter cups and a peanut butter drizzle. Bacon? Oreos? You can get those on a donut too, with house flavors or custom options that you create yourself. The house S’more option was another stand-out; because Donna’s uses graham crumbs instead of chunks, it delivers theme-flavor in every bite. 

And the price for all this happiness? You can customize a half-dozen for a bargain $7.50. Donna’s Delicious Dozen can be found at 5322 N. Hamilton Rd.

For more information, visit donnasdeliciousdozen.com.

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