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Treat to Try: Dietsch Brothers Pretzels

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Dietsch Brothers PretzelsPhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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As we continue to wind our way through the season of sugarplums, a discussion of Dietsch Brothers is long overdue. It’s overdue, in part, because the Findlay candy company has been around since the 1930s. So we’re late to the party. This oversight would be forgivable, accounting for the sheer distance between Columbus and Findlay, but it’s also true that Dietsch wares have held down prime retail real estate for eons at local grocer, The Hills…they’re stationed right next to the check-out lines. 

There is where you’ll find shelves packed with Dietsch pretzels. There are other representative of its candies, maybe some brittles and chocolates, but the main act is the pretzels, covered in chocolate, and sold in assorted pound and half-pound bags. 

These are not cheap candies – a pound will set you back about $20. But they do not taste like cheap candies, either. Each lanky, leggy pretzel knot is swathed in a thick, dense chocolate shell. Milk chocolate is obviously the best version, with its full-bodied, milky mellow richness providing the perfect foil for the salty crunch of the pretzel that lies beneath. That said, dark chocolate fans will be happy to find a version with an equally thick coat of amped-up dark chocolate and all its associated intensity. There’s also the white frosted version, for those who inexplicably don’t like chocolate. 

Of course, Dietsch pretzels are only a gateway drug. Dietsch Brothers touts several “Best Of” awards for its entire line of candies and ice creams, many of which you can find in its online store. The offerings include traditional confections like toffees and caramels, as well as items such as Milk Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Truffles or Red Hot Cinnamon Truffles. It might be worth a road trip to take in its ice cream selection as well. There’s a lineup of pints, quarts and ice cream sandwiches that, with proper planning and packing, can survive the trip home. 

Meanwhile, the pretzels are here, waiting for you at The Hills Worthington at the end of 315.

For more information, visit dietschs.com.

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