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Treat to Try: Der Dutchman Donuts

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Der Dutchman Donuts
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Der Dutchman donuts are legendary for their size. Weighing in at about twice the heft of a regular donut, they deliver more than sheer mass: the donuts deliver old-fashioned homespun goodness as well.

Like any donut, Der Dutchman’s offerings come in countless forms: traditional, twisted, frosted with sprinkles. Our introduction to the scene came courtesy of the house Long Johns, aka Amish Creamsticks. The ginormous sticks are uniformly topped with a sugary frosting that’s stiff and thick enough to show the streak marks of the knife (or spatula) used to spread it. The insides of the pastries are loaded with a sweet, comforting cream filling that partially merges with the dewy bread that surrounds it. It’s dreamy.

Alternately, there are the mammoth apple fritters. Apple fritters are nothing to look at — that’s true everywhere, the blobs are incredibly unattractive by design, but the pastry makes up for its looks in the flavor delivery department. Little puddles of icing that pool on its craggy exterior hint at the phenomena that’s most noticeable at first bite: the fritter’s transparent glaze binds seamlessly to its fried outer layer, resulting in the delivery of an uncommonly thick shell of sugar. Inside the shell, it’s all soft bready happiness infused with cinnamon with a few bits of token apple.

There are actually six Der Dutchmans in Ohio. The closest one to Columbus is in Plain City. Although the donuts are renown, the establishment is also well-known for its classic Amish cooking served from 6 a.m. (breakfast) right on through dinner time. Other popular items include the roast pork sandwiches and house-made noodles.

For those who just want the donuts, there’s another, more centralized alternative. Hills Markets in Columbus also stock the donuts, if you get there early enough in the morning to nab them. Do call ahead before you go: the donuts disappear fast.

For more information, visit dhgroup.com/restaurants.


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